Smallfry Stella Luna 2020 (Australia)

Smallfry Stella Luna 2020 (Australia)



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Red wine introduction

name Smallfry Stella Luna 2020
winery Smallfry
alcohol content 14.5%
Sobering time No need to sober up
Production area Australia
Grape varieties Shiraz, Cinsault
Suitable drinking temperature 14 - 16 degrees

Special flavorTaste

Meal Pairings

Duck dishes Duck



Recommended serving temperatureWine Serving Temperature

Ordering instructions

・All Japanese seafood is imported directly into Hong Kong from Japanese fish markets. Our store only provides air-freight food ordering services.

・Fresh ingredients are affected by force majeure factors such as nature. If the Japanese market cannot supply the goods, the order will be refunded without notice. Any credit card and online store platform handling fees or price differences will not be refunded.

・The freshness and packaging integrity of Japanese ingredients are subject to certain risks during air transportation and transportation.

・Customers must understand the ordering instructions before placing an order. There are no exchanges or refunds for ingredients ordered from Japan. Once an order is placed, it means that the customer agrees to all the above terms.

・Free shipping for the entire store if you spend over $700. If you spend less than $700, you can ship with postage collect.

Customized maturation instructions

・Customized aging services including meat selection, aging, meat opening, packaging and transportation are all handled by Slowhustle Hong Kong.

・According to our experience, during the aging process, the overall aging loss of meat is approximately 30% of the total weight. Maturation loss refers to the excess water lost by the meat during the aging process, as well as the air-dried moisture that needs to be removed after aging. shell.

・Customers can leave their preferred thickness of buffalo steak after cooking in the remarks column on the checkout page. If not filled in, the default thickness will be 1 inch. (Less than 2kg/ Picanha matured, no grilling service is provided)

・Customers must understand the maturation instructions before placing an order. Any customized maturation is a pre-ordered product. Customers need to pay the full price in one go. There are no exchanges or refunds. Once an order is placed, it means that the customer agrees to the above terms.

Delivery methods


All orders will be delivered to you by a third-party logistics company and will be shipped within three working days from the day of order placement. There is no Japanese food delivery service on Wednesdays and Sundays


If you need to specify the delivery day and time, please write it in the remarks field when placing the order (additional charges apply)

preservation method

Meat and mature products : It is recommended to store it in an environment of -18 °C for the highest storage efficiency. Generally, the blast freezer at home can also achieve equivalent results.

(The quality of any ingredients will be affected by storage time)

common problem


Q1/ Why is there a gap between the actual delivery time and the expected time?

A1/ Because the actual traffic environment is a force majeure factor, we will report it to the third-party logistics


Q2/ If the packaging of the food has lost its real-mouth effect when it is delivered to your hands, can it still be eaten?

A2/ Most of our products are frozen and vacuum packed. If some products melt and lose vacuum due to collisions during transportation, it will have no impact on the quality of the food itself. Please feel free to eat or continue to store in the freezer.


Q3/ Can ingredients or goods be returned?

A3/ Based on hygiene considerations, all " food " and " wine " in our store are non-returnable and non-refundable, regardless of whether they have been unpacked or not .